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Psion Workabout MX



  • Processor: 16-bit NEC V30MX running at 27.684MHz (80C86 compatible)
  • Internal RAM: 2MB
  • Internal ROM: 2MB masked ROM containing operating system, OVAL runtime and other built-in software
  • Solid State Disks: 2 internal drives accept Flash or RAM SSDs, providing up to 16MB additional application and data storage capacity
  • Display: 240x100 pixels, greyscale, graphics LCD, up to 39 characters by 12 lines, switchable backlight as standard
  • Keyboard: 57-key alphanumeric layout as standard; 35-key numeric and function key layout option available
  • Sound: Piezo Buzzer
  • ID: Application-readable unique identification number
  • Power
    • Internal: 2 x AA alkaline cells, NiCd, or NiMH pack
    • Backup: lithium cell, CR1620
    • External: a range of peripherals for charging are available
  • External Expansion: Built-in low insertion force port (LIF-PFS) connects to a docking station and vehicle interface peripherals provide external RS232 communications and charging


  • Operating System: SIBO operating system featuring pre-emptive multi-tasking, graphics support, graphical user interface and DOS-like command line processor
  • Filing system: MS-DOS-compatible formats and directory structure
  • Communications: Built-in comms features include TCP/IP, IrDA and script language as standard
  • Programming: Windows PC-based Integrated Development Environments for OVAL and OPL plus C SDK



Barcode scanner
Barcode scanner


1MB SSD Flash kaarten
1MB SSD Flash kaarten



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