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Acorn Electron

Dit apparaat is niet meer in mijn bezit.


  • CPU: MOS Technology 6502A
  • Clock rate: variable. CPU runs at 2 MHz when accessing ROM and 1 MHz or 0.5897 MHz (depending on graphics mode) when accessing RAM due to sharing memory access with the video display circuits. The Electron is widely misquoted as operating at 1.79 MHz after measurements derived from speed testing against the thoroughly 2 MHz BBC Micro for various pieces of 'common software'
  • Coprocessor: Ferranti Semiconductor Custom ULA
  • RAM: 32 kB
  • ROM: 32 kB
  • Text modes: 20×32, 40×25, 40×32, 80×25, 80×32 (all text output produced by software in graphics modes)
  • Graphics modes: 160×256 (4 or 16 colours), 320×256 (2 or 4 colours), 640×256 (2 colours), 320×200 (2 colours — spaced display with two blank horizontal lines following every 8 pixel lines), 640×200 (2 colours — spaced display)
  • Colours: 8 colours (TTL combinations of RGB primaries) + 8 flashing versions of the same colours
  • Sound: 1 channel of sound, 7 octaves; built-in speaker. Software emulation of noise channel supported
  • Dimensions: 16 x 34 x 6,5 cm
  • I/O ports: Expansion port, tape recorder connector (1200 baud variation on the Kansas City standard for data encoding), aerial TV connector (RF modulator), composite video and RGB monitor output
  • Power supply: External PSU, 18V AC
  • Besturingssysteem: Acorn MOS v2


Acorn Electron
Acorn Electron

Acorn Electron Manual
Acorn Electron Manual

Acorn Electron Manual
Acorn Electron Manual



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